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We SAHJANAND INFRATECH make the PEB Structure with high strength, uniformity, light weight and easy to use.

Advantages of PEB Structure.

Aesthetic and Optimal Design.

Steel is a high strength material. So it optimize the dead weight as compare to concrete building.

Fast & Easy Construction.

Steel is highly suitable for the PEB Structure and mass production with quick erect at economic price.

Earthquake Resistance.

Structure design with high ductility which is important characteristic for earthquake and heavy blast.

Durability & Flexibility in Expansion.

We can easily expand the structure by adding new bay and modules.

PEB Structure can be built with high quality workmanship and narrow tolerance and it can easily repair.

we can also dismantel it and can use steel at other place.

Site Constraints.

PEB Structure can be easily transportable and it can be fabricated in workshop thus reduce time and money.

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